Diamond Consulting Group LLC assists our clients in the design and evaluation of compensation and rewards programs for employees and executives. We also provide consulting expertise in enhancing the performance management process. Additionally, we provide compliance and litigation support services on compensation issues.

Strategic Pay Consulting
  • Competitive market assessments
  • Compensation philosophy
  • Job descriptions
  • Job evaluation
  • Market pricing
  • Salary structure development
  • Salary administration policies
  • Employee and manager focus groups
  • Communications plans

Total Rewards Consulting
  • Total Rewards strategy
  • Linking rewards to business strategy
  • Competitive market assessments
  • Attraction and retention strategies

Incentive Compensation Consulting
  • Incentive plan design and evaluation
  • Individual incentives
  • Group or team incentives
  • Annual bonus plans
  • Recognition programs

Performance Management Consulting
  • Goals and objectives setting
  • Performance evaluation tools
  • Management and supervisory training
  • Employee training

Compliance & Litigation Support
  • FLSA compliance
  • Expert witness on behalf of management
  • Assistance to legal counsel